Working towards 'The Plastic Free Life'

June 27, 2017



I've just been reading about 'Plastic Free July' and thinking about further steps we can make in our home to further reduce our plastic burden on the environment.  


Some facts that I have just learnt from Plastic Free July's facebook page are:

1. More plastic has been produced in the first 10 years of       this century than the entire last century! 

2. Australians send a massive 1 million tonnes of plastic       to landfill each year! 

3. Apart from the small amount of plastic which has been     incinerated, every piece of plastic which has ever               been made still exists on earth somewhere!


One of the reasons that we established The Florescence Hub co-op was to reduce the packaging waste from grocery shopping each week. Most of our delicious fruit and veges are purchased in bulk and the cardboard boxes are re-used for packing all of our lovely customers orders.  


The other ways that we are working to reduce plastics waste in our home are:


* I've purchased a re-usable coffee cup (one with a bright   pink trim, much to my local coffee shops dislike at 8am     on a Monday morning!).  Some coffee shops also                 provide a discount when you bring your own cup.

* Ensuring I always have re-usable bags in the car for           when I nip out to the shops. 

* Buying glass containers for storing food.

* Buying wooden toothbrushes.

* Trying to buy more products in glass jars i.e passata          that we can re-use for making chia puddings for the          girls

* Re-purposing any plastic containers we do get for                shed storage

* Consciously thinking about whether there might be a        better alternative to a plastic product we are about to        buy and how much do we REALLY need it?! i.e plastic        watering cans, children's toys, coat hangers


We still have a long way to go before we are a plastic free home but I like to think that we are starting to make better and more aware purchasing decisions to reduce our household's plastic burden. 


How are you working to reduce plastics in your home? Would be great if you could share some suggestions. 


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